Ahuizotl is the mini-boss of the Appaloosan Mines.

Attacks Edit

Most often, Ahuizotl will leap fron side to side across the room, clinging to the walls and throwing several stone blocks with his tail. Either dodge the blocks, strike them out of the air with a Weapon or block them with a defensive Skill, such as Cubus or Shield.

When he lands on the floor, he may snap his fingers, though he could also did it on the walls, summoning leopards to rush in from either side; occasionally, he'll summon a slow and nearly helpless kitten instead of a leopard. Either kind of animal will die with one hit, and judicious use of defensive Skills will protect the Hero's rear from leopards and kittens, allowing the player to focus on attacking Ahuizotl.

Instead of summoning leopards while standing on the floor, Ahuizotl may whip his tail behind him, charging it for a long and powerful punch. As the power punch always strikes parallel with the floor and cannot be ducked, the punch must either be leaped or evaded through judicious use of abilities, such as a well-timed Uppercut or Illusion. If the Hero is near either wall, simply jumping up and standing in a doorway will spare the Hero from harm as well.

When Ahuizotl's hanging from the center of the ceiling, he'll punch downward with his tail several times. Either slide or Dash from side to side to dodge the attacks, or simply stand in the corners or doorways, safely out of his strike zone. Pegasi or unicorns hovering beside Ahuizotl are also safe, and may wish to take advantage of their positioning with further attacks.

Notes Edit

Like Gilda, when you defeat him, he falls through the floor as if knocked out of the game.

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