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This soft gentle flower-pony is the first mini-boss player will face in Everfree. After the first encounter player will face many more Alura Unes in Appalossan Mines which have a chance to drop Rose Stem Whip.


Image Description Statistics Locations
Alura Une
A blossomed Une, lures ponies in with its beautiful appearance. Strong:Electric, Light

Weak:Fire, Ice

Everfree Forest

Fighting Strategy Edit

Because this is the first mini-boss player will face it isn't too challenging and this early in the game it isn't necessary to exploit weaknesses and simple whacking with weapon will suffice or using simple ranged spell from safe distance.

Alura Une has only two attacks first one being trying to impale unsuspecting player with vines that burst from beneath. As long as player keeps an eye on small blossoms on ground avoiding this attack isn't hard. Vines do block ranged damage and player will have to wait untill they are down or use melee attack if they are close enough.

Second attack is Alura Une spawning several thorns and throwing them in general direction of player. It is best avoided with either Uppercut, Flying or Teleport the moment missiles are launched and Alura stops targeting.

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