• Basnap

    Feedback Ponyvania:

    01.02.19: Thor's Below levels up way too slowly. Maybe almost all timed spells do?

    I wonder if the Pegasus dash attack could be easier executable. I already suggested -> -> attack, but that might be still the same. What about a shortcut combination, similar to Earth Pony special + up for Upperdash?

    Not sure if + special would work on pegasus, because ppl might want to backdash then.

    Also, had a crash as Earth Pony vs that opponent that can charm. I was charmed (literally), I think I have... swung my whip and left it hanging, and then the crash roughly happened when the opponent was standing on a floor above me.


    Edit to bug below [treasures](22.01.19): I think they also reset on dieing, but when someone is grinding/…

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