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The guardian of Tartarus summoned to defend Canterlot from intruders. Mighty guardian holds the power over fire, Ice and Light.


Image Description Statistics Locations
A giant three-headed dog, guards the gates of Tartarus Strong: Fire, Dark

Weak: None


Fighting Strategy Edit

First you enter you'll notice that boss's arena has platforms on which boss can climb but it is best to stand on the ground, preferable right in front of boss for the most of the fight. Cerberus fights using predictable pattern of casting powerful magical breath and then pouncing in players general direction two times. Once you avoid attack quickly slide under the boss if you are on ground level or evade by jumping on one of the platforms. Breath attacks can have one of the three attributes depending of the attacking head but also attack can either be in form of fast missile or charged breath.

Fire head will use fire based attacks which are generally easy to dodge. Fire missile launches at general player's direction but the real danger is the splash it causes once it hits wall but by just ducking beneath the head you'll avoid all damage. Fire breath works like White Dragon's attack but there is small space beneath Cerberus that will be missed but otherwise player can just move away from the boss.

Ice head will try to impale player with icicles. Ice missile will target player's current position and it will either cover the floor or platform with ice spikes or will hit ceiling which will create ice spikes that will fall on player. Ice breath launches icicle storm that swings up and down, spraying the entire screen. The icicles can be blocked with various skills and pegasus can safely hover right behind Cerberus.

Light head is possibly hardest head to avoid. Light missile targets player and then bounces from wall to wall forcing the player to be on the move. Light breath attack is in form of beam which moves up and down across the screen and player must use invulnerable moves, such as Teleport, Back Dash or Uppercut to avoid it.

Last but most certainly not least when Cerberus is near death he will start charging all of his attacks to unleash at same time at which point player is advised to finish off the boss fast.

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