Chests contain a verity of bits, food, and treasure. Chests can be opened by pressing up while the player is near to a chest. In 2 player co-op mode, opening a chest grants an item to each player, but the player that opened the chest has a better chance of getting rarer items. There are several types of chests and their color indicates what they contain. Blue chest are hidden and can be found by using a Dowsing Stick or PDA. In general, chest respawn when the player dies, completes a level, returns to the world map, or access a warp point.

Brown Chests:

Food or Bits

Red Chests:

Equipment or Skills

Green Chests:

Water of Life

Gold Chests:

Always the same unique item

White Chests:

Veriety of unique items

Purple Chests:

Siren Gem

Blue Chests:

Equipment or Bits


- Blue chests spawn locations change at random and are not always found at the same place. There is no guarantee that the same location will have a hidden chest.

- Higher Luck increases the chances of finding items you don't already own.

- At least 4 blue chest will always spawn somewhere each stage, including the castle.

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