Condemned Tower is one of two extra stages, the player must find the map hidden in Canterlot.


Traveling up thought the tower you find Books about secrets and hints of the game and stronger versions of mid bosses with an extra boss at the top.

Enemy Data

Image Description Statistics Items Locations
Parasitic sprites that feed off of food from ponies. Strong: Nothing

Weak: Nothing

Everfree Forest,

Manehattan, Condemned Tower

A skeleton capable of moving on its own; throws bones. Strong: Ice, Electric, Dark

Weak: Strike, Fire, Light

Bone Everfree Forest,

Realm of Chaos,
Skeleton Cave,
Deep Skeleton Cave, Condemned Tower

Creatures made of fire that are often mistaken for ghosts. Strong: Strike, Slash

Absorbs: Fire
Weak: Ice

Everfree Forest,

Realm of Chaos, Condemned Tower

Burning Shade
A burning specter that can conjure fire. Strong: Strike, Slash, Fire

Weak: Ice

Laeviathan Manehattan,

Realm of Chaos, Condemned Tower

Feasts on the precious memories of its victims. Strong: Strike

Weak: Slash, Fire

Slimeball Manehattan,

Realm of Chaos, Condemned Tower

Boss Data

Image Description Statistics

Treasure Data

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