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The Cutie Mark Crusaders are featured in Ponyvania's fifth stage, the Appaloosan Mines. As per canon, they are three fillies who have joined together as friends to help each other earn their Cutie Marks: Apple Bloom (an earth pony filly and Applejack's little sister), Sweetie Belle (a unicorn filly and Rarity's little sister) and Scootaloo (a pegasus filly who idolizes Rainbow Dash). Their latest quest to earn their Cutie Marks has placed them in great danger deep in the Appaloosan Mines, and it's up to the Hero to find them and help them escape.

Rescuing all three Cutie Mark Crusaders will result in finishing the Appaloosan Mines with the Good Ending, in which the three fillies meet the Hero outside the ruins; Apple Bloom expresses her gratitude by giving the Hero a map to the Skeleton Cave before the Crusaders leave the ruins, having had their fill of adventure for a while. Failing to rescue one or more of the Cutie Mark Crusaders results in the Bad Ending, which hints that the fillies did not survive their misadventure into the Appaloosan Mines.

Ponyvania-CCC Escaped

Good Ending: Apple Bloom giving the Hero her map to the Skeleton Cave.


Bad Ending: Apple Bloom's bow drifting forlornly in the breeze as the Hero leaves the ruins.

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