Daybreaker is an extra boss character in Ponyvania: Order of Equestria. She is an evil alter-ego of Celestia.

Overview Edit

Daybreaker can be seen as a counterpart to Nightmare Moon, where they usually teleport somewhere before attacking and would spawn projectiles. In Daybreaker's case, she will summon a sun shaped projectile that homes at the player with a fairly fast speed. It'll always spawn at her last position before she teleports.

She can teleport and dash towards the player two times, able to reach from one end of the room to the other. Sometimes she teleports to the air before dashing, and is capable of dashing diagonally. A flash of ring will alert the player of this attack beforehand, giving them a brief time to react.

Daybreaker's most common attack is to teleport above the player and attempts to hit them, creating a shockwave. She'll do this three times before stopping. A variation of this attack exists where she teleports to one side of the room to move in an arc. If the player is under her at any point during this, she'll try to hit them with faster speed.

Another attack is Daybreaker teleports near the player and creates a ring of fire around her. Although it doesn't have much range, it may catch the player by surprise, and it does much more damage then her other attacks.

Daybreaker might stay in place to summon multiple sun projectiles, the same one that she leaves as she teleports. They appear randomly around her before homing towards the player. Weapon attacks and some spells can destroy them.

When Daybreaker teleports to the middle of the room, she will spew fireballs all over the place, leaving shockwaves when it hits the ground. Staying at the upper corner of the room or using an ability to make them invulnerable is one way of avoiding this attack.

One of Daybreaker's more rare attacks, is creating a laser that moves to one point to another. Although it travels in random directions and may miss the player completely, this move is very unpredictable. However, Daybreaker will stay in place for a while, leaving her vulnerable.

Everytime Daybreaker loses around a quarter of her health, she'll teleport in the middle of the room and telegraphs multiple beams that covers most of the room. After the attack starts, they'll rotate a bit as well. The player would have to find a safe spot during the initial attack, then move to another one as the beams rotate.

As Daybreaker's health goes down, her attacks will start to come faster and faster, often teleporting almost immediately after an attack to start another attack. The fight will be fast paced, and reaction time will be important to dodge her attacks.

Enemy DataEdit

Image Description Statistics Items Locations
#95 Daybreaker
Arrogant, power-hungry, and destructive. Celestia's potential evil alter-ego. Strong: Fire, Light
Weak: Ice, Dark
Condemned Tower
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