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Derpy Hooves is a friendly, cross-eyed pegasus who helps the player during the third stage of the game, Cloudsdale.

Whenever the player falls off of a platform, Derpy will automatically carry the player back onto solid ground.

During the fight with Ursa Minor, Derpy will randomly attack the boss with lightning strikes.

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After the player defeats Ursa Minor and gets the element of Loyalty, one of two cutscenes will play.

In the bad ending, Derpy will be too tired to continue and will sacrifice herself in order to give the player a better chance of escaping Cloudsdale.

In the good ending, Derpy will find a muffin that will restore her strength and allow her to leave safely with the player.

If the bad ending is obtained, Cloudsdale will be gone from the world map, making it impossible to return there. In order to get the good ending, the player must not allow Derpy to carry them back up onto the stage more than 3 times. In addition, the player must not consume the muffin item that is found in the second half of the stage. Progress towards these endings resets when the player dies but is saved at the checkpoint after the mini-boss.