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DD_beginning.png|The Diamond Dogs before splitting up
DD_beginning.png|The Diamond Dogs before splitting up

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The Diamond Dogs are the main bosses of Ghastly Gorge, guarding the element of Generosity. The player has to fight all three of them at the same time, which makes the battle quite challenging.


Image Description Statistics Items Locations
The leader of the pack, possess an affinity for precious stones. Strong: Nothing

Weak: Nothing

Ghastly Gorge
The scout, extremely nimble and best at digging. Strong: Nothing

Weak: Nothing

Ghastly Gorge
The muscle, handles all the heavy lifting. Strong: Nothing

Weak: Nothing

Ghastly Gorge

Fighting Strategy[]

Each of the Diamond Dogs uses 2 basic attacks:

Rover can either charge at the player or shot gems from a distance.

Spot digs into the ground most of the time and attacks the player either from the ceiling or from beneath the floor.

Fido prefers to stand on one spot and either throws boulders or creates shockwaves.

All these attacks are quite predictable and easy to dodge on their own, but since they all fight together, things get a lot more challenging.

They also learn new attacks once one of them is defeated in order to compensate for their lost teammate:

Rover throws his gems in a much more difficult to avoid pattern.

Spot starts throwing bombs and bones as well. He also starts digging holes that can trap the player.

Fido produces earthquakes which lets a lot of rocks fall from the ceiling.

When there is one left:

Spot will start popping above & below.

Fido now jumps when does the earthquakes.

Rover calls 2 Guard Dogs to protect him. They get back up after being defeated. They do stay down after Rover is defeated.

Try taking this battle slow and focus on the attacks so you don't get hit too often. Don't rush into the battle!

There are two ways to fight this battle, you can either focus on one enemy or try to deal as much damage to all of them as possible. You have to decide what's better: Fighting 3 at the same time with easier patterns or fighting 2 at the same time with more difficult patterns.

Either way, I would recommend taking out Spot last since his attacks are the easiest to dodge. Rover and Fido are pretty much equally annoying.