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Discord is the final boss of Ponyvania: Order of Equestria.

Overview Edit

Actions Edit

Normal FormEdit

Fatal Ray
Discord fires a beam upward, then the beam scatters and falls down.
"Summon Spheres"
Discord opens a mysterious portal which shoots many spheres. Some of them aim to the player.
"Machine Gun"
Discord opens a small portal which fires bullets. Bullets explode like fireworks when hit.
Cotton Candy Cloud
Discord releases a pink cloud which chases the player and rains liquid chocolate, deals small but rapid damage.
Reality Blast
Discord hurls a dark breath chasing you. Stay inside the breath area will continuously receive damage without knockback.
Discord drops 4 plunderseeds which grow to dark thorns. The thorns move toward two sides on the floor until being attacked by the player.
When Discord uses either "Summon Spheres" or "Machine Gun", If the player go behind him, he'll bend over, snap his fingers and deal instant and heavy damage from explosions.

Second FormEdit

Third FormEdit

Fighting StrategyEdit

Normal FormEdit

To avoid Explosion, never go behind him when he uses either "Summon Spheres" or "Machine Gun".

Dealing with "Machine Gun", keep crouching and swinging your weapon. Earth ponies can use Shield to completely block the bullets.

Cotton Candy Cloud's rain isn't erasable and can chase all the way from one side to another, so passing through the rain via invulnerable abilities like Teleport (Unicorns) or Dash (Pegasi) is required. For earth ponies, since they lack natural abilities to dodge it, Rollerblades, Pink Tire, or Shield Monitor is required to avoid the damage.

Second Form Edit

Before Discord takes the next action, it is safe to crouch at a short distance in front of him.

Third Form Edit

Crouching is the essence to fight against Discord's final form. It helps the player not only avoid bumping into the giant hands but also prepare to slide out of their range. Unicorns can even deal considerable damage using Vol Grando and Spirit of Light while crouching.

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