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Among the fandom for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, the pony most commonly known as the Fausticorn is the self-representation drawn and inked by Lauren Faust -- the original creator of this series -- to depict herself in pony form. The Fausticorn is depicted as being a white alicorn mare with a dark red mane and a large, lush tail to match, with physical size and proportions similar to those of Princess Celestia.  The Fausticorn exists purely among the creator and her fandom, never appearing in the Friendship is Magic series itself. Other fan-bestowed names for the Fausticorn include Mother Mare, Regal Mother, Queen Faust, Harmony and, simply, Lauren Faust.

In Ponyvania: Order of Equestria, the Fausticorn makes a cameo appearance in the Order of Equestria's castle, as the statue overlooking the chamber which serves as a save point to record the hero's progress.


The Fausticorn statue in the Save Point room.

Fausticorn Lauren Faust's OC

Lauren Faust, represented in Alicorn form.

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