The Froggy Bottom Bogg is the second stage of Ponyvania: Order of Equestria.


The player moves across a broken boardwalk over the bog. There is a small dilapidated structure that marks the half-way point. The graphics for the stage are taken from Metal Slug 3 and 5.

Enemy Data

Image Description Statistics Items Locations
Black Crow
An evil bird with an acquired taste for pony flesh. Strong: Electric

Weak: Fire

Lucky Charm Froggy Bottom Bog, Canterlot
A vampiric creature that's a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope. Strong: Nothing

Weak: Strike, Slash

Carrot Froggy Bottom Bog, Canterlot, Realm of Chaos, Skeleton Cave
Half fish, half pony. It hunts prey near the water. Strong: Ice

Weak: Fire, Electric

Scale Mail Froggy Bottom Bog, Canterlot, Skeleton Cave
Bone Pillar
Dragon skulls still capable of shooting fire. Strong: Ice, Electric, Dark

Weak: Strike, Fire, Light

Froggy Bottom Bog, Canterlot, Realm of Chaos
White Dragon
A dragon fossil that can still breath streams of flames. Strong: Ice, Electric, Dark

Weak: Strike, Fire, Light

$100 Froggy Bottom Bog, Manehattan, Realm of Chaos
Balloon Pod
A floating plant that scatters poisonous spores. Strong: Strike, Light

Weak: Slash, Electric

Froggy Bottom Bog, Canterlot
Poison Shade
A wraith that can poison the air. Strong: Strike, Slash, Dark

Weak: Light

Life Medal Froggy Bottom Bog, Canterlot, Realm of Chaos

Boss Data

Image Description Statistics Items Locations
A monster with a lion's body, a bat's wings, and a scorpion's tail. Strong: Dark

Weak: None

Damascus Sword, Scorpion Tail Froggy Bottom Bog, Manehattan
A water dwelling, reptile-like monster with multiple heads. Strong: Ice

Weak: Electric

Froggy Bottom Bog

Treasure Data

Brown Chest Bits Food
Bag2 $200
Bag3 $400
Food13 Rice Ball
Food14 Spinach
Food15 Tea
Food16 Pudding
Food17 Cream Puff
Red Chest Weapons Accessories Skills
Ssword1 Rapier Accessory7 Ribbon
Accessory8 Corsage
Accessory11 Life Medal
Banner icon earthpony Boomerang
Banner icon earthpony Shield
Banner icon earthpony Fidelis Equitem
Banner icon pegasus Javelin
Banner icon pegasus Electro Ball
Banner icon pegasus Fidelis Nubes
Banner icon unicorn Fire Blast
Banner icon unicorn Vol Grando
Banner icon unicorn Fidelis Praepes
Blue Chest Weapons Accessories Skills Bits
Staff3 Star Flail
Spear1 Spear
Mourning Dove
Accessory12 Spirit Medal
Accessory21 Heart Chain
Accessory13 Ankh of Life
Icon cutiemarkcrusaders Pig Bag4 $800
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