Ghastly Gorge is the fourth stage of the game.


The player moves down into the gorge and along the river at the bottom. Eventually the player enters an opening in the wall and travels through an underground tunnel.

Enemy Data

Image Description Statistics Items Locations
#26 Stone Rose
Once an insectivore, this plant's tastes have broadened. Strong: Electric, Light
Weak: Slash, Fire, Ice
Ghastly Gorge,
Canterlot Castle
#27 Bitterfly
Invisibility is this creature's cloak and its weapon. Strong: Nothing
Weak: Nothing
Ghastly Gorge,
Canterlot Castle,
Realm of Chaos
#28 Lizardpony
A half-pony, half-lizard sub species that's able to wield huge weapons. Strong: Strike
Weak: Slash, Fire
ClaymoreBanner icon unicorn crossedout
Ghastly Gorge,
Realm of Chaos,
Skeleton Cave
#29 Bomber Armor
An animated armored soldier that throws bombs. Strong: Slash, Fire
Weak: Strike, Electric
GrenadeBanner icon pegasus crossedoutBanner icon unicorn crossedout,
Ghastly Gorge,
Skeleton Cave
#30 Treant
An ancient tree animated by a purely malevolent will. Strong: Electric
Weak: Slash, Fire
Autumn Wand
Ghastly Gorge,
Canterlot Castle
#31 Blood Skeleton
Soaked bones that pull themselves together after being knocked down. Strong: Ice, Electric, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
Ghastly Gorge

Boss Data

Image Description Statistics Items Locations
#73 Wolfpony
A pony that transforms into a ferocious beast every full moon. Strong: Strike
Weak: Slash, Fire
Fur Coat Ghastly Gorge,
Canterlot Castle,
Skeleton Cave,
Forgotten Garden
#82 Rover
The leader of the pack, possess an affinity for precious stones. Strong: Nothing
Weak: Nothing
Ghastly Gorge
#83 Spot
The scout, extremely nimble and best at digging. Strong: Nothing
Weak: Nothing
Ghastly Gorge
#84 Fido
The muscle, handles all the heavy lifting. Strong: Nothing
Weak: Nothing
Ghastly Gorge

Treasure Data

Brown Chest Bits Food
Bag3 $400
Bag4 $800
Food15 Tea
Food16 Pudding
Food17 Cream Puff
Food18 Financier
Food19 Shortcake
Red Chest Weapons Accessories Skills
Book2 Tome of Arms Accessory23 Studded Choker
Accessory24 Blue Scarf
Accessory26 Gold Chain
Banner icon earthpony Kunai
Banner icon earthpony Steel Ball
Banner icon earthpony Arma Custos
Banner icon earthpony Fedelis Equitem
Banner icon pegasus Fusion Bolt
Banner icon pegasus Star Dust
Banner icon pegasus Felix Ictus
Banner icon pegasus Fidelis Nubes
Banner icon unicorn Icicle Spear
Banner icon unicorn Radiant Sphere
Banner icon unicorn Magia Transi
Banner icon unicorn Fidelis Praepes
Blue Chest Weapons Armor Accessories Bits
Banner icon earthponyWhip3 Rose Stem Whip
Banner icon pegasusSpear2 Lance
Banner icon unicornBook2 Tome of Arms
Saddle5 Combo Seat Accessory27 Power Belt
Accessory31 Mystic Stone
Accessory29 Tough Horseshoe
Bag5 $1600
Wall of 2nd area
Wall Meat, Triple Shot, Chain Upgrade, $200, $400, Peach, Pineapple, Zap Apple
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