The Giant Tarantula is the boss of Appaloosan Mines, guarding the Element of Laughter. He leads a gang of spiders that are hanging out above the unsuspecting player.


Image Description Statistics Items Locations
#85 Giant Tarantula
A monstrous arachnid, commands a gang of spiders. Strong: Electric
Weak: Fire, Ice
Appaloosan Mines

Fighting Strategy Edit

Most of the fight consists of Giant Tarantula hanging and swinging above player's head and trying to kill him. Player can actually stand up under the boss and crouching is only necessery when boss swings to a new position. Boss is vulnerable to fire damage so Laevatain sword is of great use here for Earth Ponies and Pegasi, while Unicorns can relay on fire or ice based spells. While you are fighting boss smaller spiders will descend from the ceiling to block player's way and during the battle he will over time summon four larger spiders that will shoot missiles at player. Smaller spiders die in one hit while larger spiders can either be taken down with skills or by simply jumping and attacking them couple of times. All spiders die after the boss is defeated so if you can avoid the annoying mssiles it isn't urgent to kill them all.

Giant Tarantula's main form of attacking is to shoot web balls to either harm or create webbing to trap the player. Because boss must stand still while shooting this is the best time to attack it with your weapon or skills but it is important to destroy web missiles when they are still in the air or to cut down spawned web before Giant Tarantula preforms his next attack. Earth Ponies can simply use Shield skill and Unicorns can use Dark Rift to block while Pegasi have to rely on well timed swing or Wind Slash skill (or just spam Tempest). Spawned web will slowly disappear over time.

The other common attack will be Giant Tarantula trying to impale player with it's legs which is easy to evade with just sliding, provided you don't get caught in the web. At beginning boss will strike two times at the player but as his health drops he will increase number of stabs. It is best to avoid these attacks and wait until boss is finished before you attack.

From time to time boss will rise above screen and player will have short amount of time to move before Giant Tarantula slams the ground with his whole body. Provided there aren't too many webs it is easy to avoid this attack and player can attack while boss is busy getting of ground.

Notes Edit

Like the Hydra, his entrance is signaled by the pony characters gaining a "?!?"

Like the Diamond Dogs, his body is still laying on the ground after you defeat him.

Screenshots Edit

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