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G_3.png|Super Dash Attack
G_3.png|Super Dash Attack
G_5.png|Tornado Attack
G_5.png|Tornado Attack

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Gilda is a griffon and appears as the main boss of the Everfree Forest, guarding the element of Kindness. She uses a variety of different moves and tries to stay in the air most of the time so the player can't hit her.


Image Description Statistics Locations
An animal with the body of a lion, and the head and wings of an eagle. Strong: Nothing

Weak: Nothing

Everfree Forest

Fighting StrategyEdit

Attack Gilda only while she is walking along the bottom or flying across the top. Once she stops moving and begins to prepare an attack, get a safe distance away so that you'll have time to avoid it. Be aware that she will turn to face you just before she attacks, so getting behind her won't always help.

Her claw attack on the ground deals massive damage but has short range. If you are a unicorn, just attack from a distance. If you're using a weapon, make sure to attack from a good distance away. Do not aim to hit her with your initial swing. Instead, swing your weapon in front of her and let her walk into it, then quickly jump away. If done correctly, she'll continue walking forward and not even use her claw attack.

Her feather attack fires feathers in a random spread, so the further you are from her, the easier it will be to dodge. After she begins to fire the feathers, you can also go under and behind her to avoid the attack completely. Do not stand directly under her before she attacks! If you do, there's a chance she'll come straight down on you with a ground pound attack.

Stay on the ground whenever she prepares an attack in the air. If you're on the ground, she'll usually perform a ground-sweeping dash attack that can easily be jumped over. If you're in the air, there's a chance she'll perform a homing dash attack that's much more difficult to dodge. While you're performing a slide attack, you'll be immune to any damage from her dash attacks. This is a good way to avoid her and deal damage back at the same time.

The tornado she creates will accelerate forward and stop just short of the edge of the room. To avoid it, just move back and stay against the wall until it disappears. You can also get behind the tornado with moves that provide invincibility, such as a teleport or a dash attack. If you attempt to do this, make sure the tornado has picked up speed. If it's moving too slow, you may not be able to get across without taking a hit.


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