The Hydra is the main boss of the Froggy Bottom Bogg stage, guarding the Element of Honesty. This Boss Battle consists of two phases; in the first phase, the Hero must attack the Hydra's heads until all four of them are subdued. And in the second phase, the Hydra rises and pursues the Hero through the swamp, exposing its entire body to the Hero's attacks yet threatening the Hero with immediate defeat if the Hydra should overtake the Hero.


Image Description Statistics Locations
A water dwelling, reptile-like monster with multiple heads. Strong: Ice

Weak: Electric

Froggy Bottom Bogg

Fighting StrategyEdit

During the Hydra's first phase, 2 heads will attack at a time. One will bite, and another will spit. Your focus should be on just 3 of the heads, you can ignore the one on the far left or right. Once 3 are down, the last one is easy to deal with. Use attacks that can hit multiple heads at once, such as the Boomerang or Tornado. With weapons, try to hit at least 2 heads with every swing.

You can stand in-between the heads to avoid their bite attacks. You're also immune to damage from a bite while performing a slide attack.

Once you spot a head about to spit, get close to it. Jump and swing your weapon at it's head just as it spits. If done correctly, you'll destroy the projectile immediately and not have to worry about dodging it. You can also leave skills like a Dark Rift or a Shield in front of the head to block its spit attacks.

During the Hydra's second phase, there are 2 basic strategies you can use. The first strategies is to play offensively: concentrate on attacking the Hydra with your most powerful attacks. Keep in mind that you can attack the body or the heads, but you will deal less damage to the body. Ignore the enemies that appear and do not avoid attacks by using skills or abilities that consume MP. Use your MP only to deal damage to the Hydra. You must defeat it quickly before too many enemies spawn. The second strategy is to play defensively: keep running and concentrate on avoiding damage. Defeat any enemies that appear as soon as possible. Wait until you reach the end of the room to begin attacking the Hydra itself. At this point the battle is much easier since there are no enemies popping up and the Hydra stays still.


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