Ponyvania: Order of Equestria Wiki

A level bonus is an amount of Bits awarded after defeating the Boss for the first 6 stages for the game. Each level bonus is awarded for achieving a certain hidden objective while completing the stage. The amount of Bits awarded increases by by the original for every subsequent stage. If for example the reward was 500 Bits, then the player would recive 500 Bits for Everfree Forest , 1,000 Bits for Froggy Bottom Bogg , 1,500 Bits for Cloudsdale , and so on. The exception to this rule is the bonus "Not Thirsty" which increases by 500 Bits each stage.

  • Not Thirsty: Complete a stage without using Water of Life. Note that the pony must have Water of Life in order to gain this achievement. Reward: 1000 Bits
  • Casual: Complete a stage on Normal difficulty. Reward: 100 Bits
  • Hardcore: Complete a stage on Hard difficulty. Reward: 500 Bits
  • Masochist: Complete a stage on Brutal difficulty. Reward: 900 Bits
  • Perfect Run: Complete a stage without dying. Reward: 1000 Bits
  • Second Try: Complete a stage after dying once and only once during that stage. Reward: 500 Bits
  • Third's a Charm: Complete a stage after dying twice and only twice during that stage. Reward: 250 Bits
  • Speed Runner: Complete a stage in-between 3 and 5 minutes. Reward: 2000 Bits
  • Speed Demon: Complete a stage in under 3 minutes. Reward: 4000 Bits
  • Virtue: Complete a stage without opening any treasure chests. Reward: 2000 Bits