Mysterious Alicorn
The Mysterious Alicorn is a special character who appears when the player fails to defeat either half of any Stage after three or four respawns. When this happens, the Mysterious Alicorn appears and offers to either lower the player's Difficulty level or to skip directly ahead to the next Mini-Boss or Boss, enabling the Hero to fight that creature while at full strength.

It is unknown who the Mysterious Alicorn really is, but her silhouette looks very similar to the figure of the Fausticorn, the pony version of Lauren Faust, creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Secret Room

Mysterious Alicorn's room is on the top of the second tower of Canterlot Castle from the right.

There's a floating painting in the secret area, once inside it, Fausticorn appears. In this room there's a tribute to the Mane 6. You can also find Smartypants.

Fausticorn secret room
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