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Queen Chrysalis is a boss character in Ponyvania: Order of Equestria.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Chrysalis is the queen of Changelings. She imprisons Princess Celestia and disguises as her at some point, possibly when Celestia goes out and leaves Twisted Horn in the order's HQ. When the player retrieves 6 Elements of Harmony, Chrysalis has already done breaking the seal of Discord. Then, she takes the Elements away from the player and teleported to Canterlot Castle.

At some point, Chrysalis hides the Elements in an ice crystal in the Frozen North, and let Tatzlwurm guard the Skeleton Key. According to Luna, she claims that combining Harmony and Chaos is the way to unify the world, which makes no sense at all. In the castle, Chrysalis always keeps an eye on Luna, but not sees the player as a threat at the beginning. After the player retrieves the Elements, in Celestia's disguise, she commands Shadowfright to corrupt Luna, transforming Luna to Nightmare Moon. After Luna is down, under the guise of Celestia's name, Chrysalis gives the Alicorn Amulet to Trixie and asks her for stopping the player.

Chrysalis is finally be encounterd by the player in the throne room of Cantelot Castle, then she reveals true herself in the middle of the battle. After she gets defeated, she tells the player Discord is unreachable now and none can stop him after he returns to ponies' land. After that, Chrysalis claims her victory and teleports away.

In Celestia's disguise, Chrysalis' projectiles are yellow-orange; after she returns to her true form, her projectiles become green.

Fighting Strategy[edit | edit source]

Enemy Data[edit | edit source]

Image Description Statistics Items Locations
Queen Chrysalis.png
#93 Queen Chrysalis
A crafty shapeshifter and queen of the Changelings. Strong: Fire, Dark
Weak: Nothing
Canterlot Castle
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