Shadowfright is the Mini-Boss of Manehattan.

Story Edit

He first appears after player finishes tutorial stage and quickly takes all of player's items. He doesn't appear again until Manehatten where player gets to fight him. He does reappear at Canterlot to turn Luna into Nightmare Moon when Chrysalis as Celestia stops by.

Data Edit

Image Description Statistics Locations
Leader of the nightmare forces, a shadowy apparition that creates nightmares.. Strong: Dark

Weak: Light


Fighting Strategy Edit

Shadowfright spends most of the fight flying left and right across the top of the screen, causing damage if you come into contact with him. Occasionally he'll become invulnerable and fly right into you, sending you into a nightmare. While trapped in a nightmare, you have to make your way to the exit, represented by a glowing light, while avoiding spikes and ghosts. Also, the ground, platforms, center of the screen, and even your pony (except your eyes) are pitch-black, making it difficult to navigate.  

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