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Each race possesses a number of skills that can be used to battle enemies. There are two types of Skills: Active and Passive. Active Skills are direct attacks that are powered up as they deal damage. Active Skills grow at different rates but when they are finally powered up, they receive a 20% increase in power as well as other bonuses. The damage dealt by skills is determined by the skill's power and the user's Intelligence. Passive Skills grant a beneficial effect while equipped. These effects can range from boosting a stat to summoning a familiar. The higher the player's level, the greater the effect of all Passive Skills.

Earth Pony Active Skills[]

As Earth Ponies have lower Intelligence and rely primarily on their main weapons, Earth Pony skills tend to be less powerful and are mostly used to attack enemies from a distance. Their skills consist of special weapons, each one with a different effect or use.

Name Description Attr. Cost Growth Mastery Acquisition
Knife These fly fast and straight towards their target. Slash 15MP +1 +1 Knife Starting Skill
Dragon Fire Flies in an arc until it crashes into the floor, where it begins to burn. Fire 15MP +1/2 Bigger
Travels further
Starting Skill
Axe Travels in an upward arc, ideal for defeating overhead foes. Slash 20MP +1 Bigger FilthyIcon.png Filthy Rich
Drop: Axe Knight
Boomerang Spins straight through the air and then comes flying back. Strike 25MP +1/2 Bigger
Moves faster
Chest4.png Froggy Bottom Bogg
Chest4.png Cloudsdale
FilthyIcon.png Filthy Rich
Shield Floats in place and protects those behind it. Strike 10MP +1/2
+2 sec duration
Chest4.png Froggy Bottom Bogg
Filthy Rich
Tome Spirals outwards and strikes foes with a purifying power. Light 35MP +1/2 Bigger
Moves faster
Filthy Rich
Grenade Explodes for fire damage one second after the pin is pulled. Fire 25MP +1 Bigger explosions
Rebound Gem Ricochets off the floor and walls, hurting any foes it passes through. Strike 15MP +1/2 Bigger
Moves faster
Chest4.png Manehattan
Kunai Throws several projectiles in a spread forward. Slash 30MP +1/2 +2 Kunai Chest4.png Ghastly Gorge
Chest4.png Appaloosan Mines
Steel Ball A very heavy steel ball that drops on foe's heads. Strike 20MP +2 Bigger Chest4.png Cloudsdale
Chest4.png Ghastly Gorge

Pegasus Active Skills[]

Pegasus skills are mostly a secondary means of harming enemies due to their medium Strength and Constitution compared to other races. Their skills consist of electric and wind (ice) elemental attacks and special weapons.

Name Description Attr. Cost Growth Mastery Acquisition
Fulgur Fires lightning forward that can jump from one enemy to another. Electric 30MP +1/2 Remains active longer
Electro Ball Fires a ball of lightning downward that travels along the ground. Electric 20MP +1 Moves faster
Thunderbolt Summons a bolt of lightning from above to strike the ground in front. Electric 25MP +1 Bigger
Strikes sooner
Thor's Bellow Create a storm cloud that continuously fires bolts of lightning for a time. Electric 90MP +1/4 +3 Bolts
Fires faster
Fusion Bolt A slow moving projectile that lets off random discharges as it travels Electric 50MP +1/2 Moves Faster
Discharges more often
Appaloosan Mines
Tempest Conjures a whirlwind which grows in size. Good against overhead enemies. Ice 70MP +1/10 Bigger
Hits faster
Gale Force Shoots a sweeping force that tears through enemies and boomerangs back. Ice 20MP +1/2 Bigger
Moves faster
Wind Slash Summon a large blade of wind to cut the air around you. Ice/Slash 30MP +1/2 Bigger
Tornado Send out a small twister that automatically tracks down enemies. Ice 30MP +1/4 Moves faster
More accurate
Cyclone Constantly fires a stream of wind that damages all enemies caught in it. Ice 60MP +1/2 Bigger
Star Dust Falls down onto surfaces and continuously damage foes. Light 30MP +1/10 Bigger sparks
More sparks
Wider spread
Javelin A long weapon that is thrown in a low arc. Slash 15MP +2 Bigger
Increased range
Shuriken A rapid-firing throwing blade used by the deadliest ninjas. Slash 15MP +1 Bigger
Discus Tosses a charkam like weapon forward that comes back after it hits a foe. Slash 30MP +1/2 Hits faster

Unicorn Active Skills[]

Unicorn skills are the main means of harming enemies due to their low Strength compared to other races. Their skills consist of fire, ice, earth (strike), light, and dark elemental attacks.

Name Description Attr. Cost Growth Mastery Acquisition
Icicle Spear Launches a large piece of ice that can pierce multiple enemies. Ice 30MP +1/2 Moves faster
Vol Grando Forms large icicles on the ground, damaging enemies who touches them. Ice 40MP +1 Bigger
Ice Fang Summons a series of sharp, fang-like pillars of ice. Ice 60MP +1/2 +2 fangs
Moves faster
Cocytus Summons a spread of icicles that shoot out in multiple directions. Ice 40MP +1 +2 icicles
Further range
Ice Needle Fires small ice shards. Hold down to fire rapidly. Ice 10MP +1 Shoots faster
Raging Fire Fires a short ranged burst of flames. Hold down to fire continuously. Fire 5MP +1/2 Bigger
Hits faster
Flame Pillar Calls forth jets of fire from the ground to shoot out one after another. Fire 40MP +1/2 +1 pillar
Fire Blast Shoots a fireball forward that explodes on contact. Hold down to charge it for a stronger blast. Fire 20MP +1 Charges faster
Optical Shot Focuses blue and red flames into a single point before releasing them in an outward spiral. Fire 60MP +1/2 Moves faster
Explosion Causes all nearby enemies to spontaneously combust. Fire 50MP +1/2 Further range
Bigger explosions
Rock Riot Dumps several rocks onto enemies from above. Strike 30MP +1/2 +1 rock
Stone Circle Summons a group of rocks to encircle and protect you for a few seconds. Strike 70MP +1/2 +2 Rocks
Further range
Lapiste Materializes a large rock fist that punches forward. Strike 15MP +3/2 Bigger
Rock Wrecker Launch a rolling rock that plows through anything in its path. Strike 20MP +1 Moves faster
Cubus Forms small cubes that drop onto the ground. They can be stacked and used as platforms. Strike 10MP +1/4 Bigger
Piercing Beam Creates a steady beam of light. Light 40MP +1/4 Further range
Spirit Of Light Homes in and strikes enemies with concentrated light. Light 40MP +2 More accurate
Luminatio Shoots two balls of light that circle around in an area. Light 30MP +1/4 Moves faster
Radiant Sphere Creates a controllable sphere of light. User is helpless while controlling it. Light 60MP +1/2 More controllable
Moves faster
Prism Shot Fires a special light that drains MP from targets. Light 1MP +1 Drains more MP
Activates faster
Acerbatus Fires a large sphere that crosses the screen and gradually comes to a stop. Dark 40MP +1/2 Hits faster
Globus Fires two small balls of darkness that bounce across the room. Dark 25MP +1/4 Moves faster
Dark Rift Fires a small slow moving bullet. Press again to detonate the bullet. Dark 70MP +1/4 More controllable
Dark Eruption Creates a burst of energy that damages all nearby foes, gets stronger the weaker the user is. Dark 30MP +1 Bigger bonus at low health
Black Viper Summons a serpent that seeks out and attacks enemies. Dark 90MP +1/4 Targets more enemies
Gak It's back! Deals minor damage but can poison any enemy. Poison 30MP +1 Bigger
Star Swirl Created by one of the Pillars of Equestria. Summons a storm of stars to rain down on enemies. Hold down to fire continuously. None 20MP +1/2 +2 Shooting stars
Higher rate of fire

Foal Active Skills[]

Name Description Attr. Cost Growth Mastery Acquisition
Byakko Unleash a fearsome white tiger that runs along the ground and tears through enemies. Electric 20MP
Rooster Let loose 2 avians that fly upward then return to you damaging any enemies along the way. Light 20MP
Snake Hurl a danger noodle that slithers on the ground and poisons enemies. Dark 10MP
Ox Drops a young bull that performs a powerful attack with its horns. Strike 50MP
Goat Direct 2 small kids to perform quick charging attack in opposite direction. Strike 30MP
Pig Call a piglet to sniffs out healing mushrooms; may fail to find anything if used too frequently. 60MP
Rat Fling little vermin that scurry along the floor and can swarm enemies. Slash 35MP
Rabbit Send a bunny hopping along that deals damage to enemies. Ice 25MP
Dog Sick pony's best friend on your enemies; lunges at enemies with a powerful bite. Slash 40MP
Dragon Summon a Legendary beast that deals massive damage to all in it's path. Fire 90MP

Bat Pony Active Skills[]

Name Description Attr. Cost Growth Mastery Acquisition
Hellfire A quick and powerful attack that fires a spread of fireballs. Fire 30MP
Dark Inferno Release a powerful ball of dark fire that tears through enemies. 40MP
Tetra Spirit Summons 4 spirits of energy to track down and cut through foes. Slash 25MP
Shadow Wolf Summon a black wolf that runs along the ground damaging enemies it passes through. Dark 30MP
Destruction Ray Fire several projectiles up into the air that then rain down on the target. Dark 60MP
Fatal Ray Fire a red beam upward that then splits into multiple projectiles that spread across the battle field. Dark 30MP
Dark Metamorphosis Temporary disable the use of this skill slot, but you recover with every weapon hit. 50MP
Soul Steal A dark attack that steals HP from any enemies caught in it's grasp. Dark 40MP
Hades Gate Open a portal in the earth that shoots out a pillar or continuous fire into the sky. Fire 40MP
Crimson Swarm Fire an undulating swarm of red bats. Hold down to fire continuously. Dark 10MP

Universal Active Skills[]

Universal skills are the shared skills among all races, with a few exceptions. They are not sold anywhere, instead, they are either given as quest rewards or randomly dropped by enemies.

Name Description Attr. Cost Growth Mastery Acquisition
Bone Throw a random bone upward; it might be small or it might be big. Strike 15MP +2


Red Eye Fires a petrifying beam that can turn most enemies to stone. Petrify 50MP +1 Larger
Moves faster
Longer petrification
Bubbler A strange device that shoots bubbles. Hold down to fire continously; can shoot while moving None 15MP +1/2 Becomes able to keep projectiles around for 3 seconds via holding Attack button
Moves faster and further after launched
StopwatchNot available for earth ponies Momentarily halts the movement of most enemies 150MP +1/4 Stays active for longer
Becomes able to stop Lv2 and Lv3 enemies
Sinister Seed A seed that will grow into a deadly flower if planted right. Dark 20MP +1/5 Shoots 6 bullets rather than 3
Broken Heart Drains HP from nearby enemies. Hold down to fire continuously None 10MP +1/2 Higher damage and recovery amount
Slightly further range
Throne Piece Temporarily disables the use of this skill slot, but boosts all other skill damage. (about x1.63 boost for 25 seconds) 30MP +10 Slightly bigger boost (becomes about x1.77)
Mega Buster A solar bullet cannon once wielded by Mega Pony. Can be charged while moving by holding it down. Light 1+MP +1/4 Maximum charged shot more damaging
Power Bomb Places a bomb that explodes after a short time. Be careful not to get caught in the blast! Fire 20MP +1/4 Explosions have longer "radius"
Funky Bomb This is one of the most dangerous bombs of all. When it detonates, it throws out several random explosions around the area. Fire 50MP +1/10 Releases 3 additional projectiles.

Passive Skills[]

There are skills, some shared some not, that count as passive abilities, here is the list of those passive ones.

Name Description Availability Acquisition
Vis Fio Increases base STR (affects ATK stat, which increases weapon damage) by [LVL x 0.6], rounding up. Banner icon earthpony.png Starting Skill
Fortis Fio Increases base CON (affects DEF stat, which reduces damage taken) by [LVL x 0.7], rounding up. Banner icon pegasus.png Starting Skill
Sapiens Fio Increases base INT (affects damage of all skills) by [LVL / 3], rounding up. Banner icon unicorn.png Starting Skill
Omins Fio Increases all base stats by a small amount each. Icon cutiemarkcrusaders.png Starting Skill
Audax Fio Increases CON and INT but decreases STR. Spear9.png Starting Skill
Celer Immutatio Can cancel a normal attack with any command ability. Banner icon earthpony.pngBanner icon pegasus.pngBanner icon unicorn.pngIcon cutiemarkcrusaders.pngSpear9.png Luna's Supplies
Felicem Fio Increases base LCK (increases drop rate of items from defeated enemies) by [LVL x 0.125], rounding up. Banner icon earthpony.pngBanner icon pegasus.pngBanner icon unicorn.pngIcon cutiemarkcrusaders.pngSpear9.png Luna's Supplies
Rapidus Fio Increases movement speed, jump height, and overall mobility. Banner icon earthpony.pngBanner icon pegasus.pngBanner icon unicorn.pngIcon cutiemarkcrusaders.pngSpear9.png Luna's Supplies
Boost Skill Increases the speed and range of all skills. Banner icon earthpony.png
Lamia Gladium Reduce the damage of your equipped weapon, but recover some HP each time it hits. Banner icon earthpony.png Chest4.png Manehattan
Medeis Epoto Gain MP each time you receive damage, more damage means more MP. Banner icon earthpony.png Chest4.png Cloudsdale
Chest4.png Appaloosan Mines
Arma Custos Receive a weapon boost based on your current HP; the less you have, the higher the boost. Banner icon earthpony.png Chest4.png Ghastly Gorge
Fidelis Equitem Your warrior spirit given a physical form; attacks with a sword whenever you attack. Banner icon earthpony.png Chest4.png Froggy Bottom Bogg
Chest4.png Ghastly Gorge
Filthy Rich
Fidelis Culcita A mysterious blob creature resembling a pony; mimics whichever Skills you use. Banner icon earthpony.png Chest4.png Appaloosan Mines
Citus Sagacitus Increase the speed that MP is recovered. Banner icon unicorn.png
Fidelis Praepes Mythical bird that regenerates by bursting into flames; attacks each time it's master attacks. Banner icon unicorn.png
Fidelius Nimbus A curious little cloud; automatically moves to and attacks enemies with electricity. Banner icon pegasus.png
Fidelius Lacerta A baby dragon that spits fire; automatically attacks nearby enemies. Banner icon pegasus.png
Fidelis Mediocris Small fairies protected by magic; gravitate around you and damage enemies. Banner icon unicorn.png
Fidelis Suzaku A vermilion bird with five-colored plumage; attacks from the skies with its feathers. Icon cutiemarkcrusaders.png
Fidelis Ensis A sentient sword that flies though the air while unleash a variety of attacks. Spear9.png
Ars Parvus Decrease the MP cost of using all subweapons. Banner icon pegasus.png
Magia Transi Receive a skill boost based on your current MP; the more you have, the higher the boost. Banner icon unicorn.png
Felix Ictus Receive a small chance to land a critical hit. Critical hits deal double damage. Banner icon pegasus.png
Art Sanguinis Reduce all skill damage, but recover some of the damage dealt by skills as HP. Banner icon unicorn.png
Cras Vitae Gradually recover HP over time based on the damage you've dealt. Banner icon pegasus.png
Power Skill Increases the attack power of all skills. Banner icon pegasus.png
Quick Skill Reduces the activation time for all skills. Banner icon unicorn.png
Misfortune Makes it more likely to find Changelings and Mimics. Chances increase the longer this skill remains equipped. Banner icon earthpony.pngBanner icon pegasus.pngBanner icon unicorn.png
Holy Aura After a short time, all physical damage dealt by bird weapons becomes light damage. Foal
Nunc Libero Skills will occasionally consume 0 MP when used. Spear9.png