Status effects are conditions that can be inflicted by certain monsters.

Below is list of status effects, their appearance, their effects when used, and their remedies.

Status Effect Enemies Cure Image
Normal None None None
Poison The player looses energy at a steady rate.

Myconid, Poison Shade, Manticore, Mudman (Canterlot), Slime (Canterlot)

Wears off after some time
Stone The player is unable to move at all.

Cockatrice, Medusa Head, Minotaur, Stone Rose (Canterlot)

Button- Mashing

Curse The player looses magic at a steady rate. Ectoplasm, Ghost Dancer, Zapf Bat Wears off after some time
Weak Moment Speed reduced by 40%. ATK and DEF reduced by 25%. Bone Pillar (Canterlot), Windigo (Canterlot), Malphas Wears off after some time
Charmed Forces the player to walk towards enemies Kelpies Wears off after some time or when the enemy who inflicted the status is defeated
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