Image Description Statistics Items Locations
Black Crow
An evil bird with an aquired taste for pony flesh. Strong: Electric

Weak: Fire

Lucky Charm Froggy Bottom Bogg, Canterlot Castle
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This template is used to create a top row of a table about enemies. Must be used together with {{enemy table bottom}} in order to work.


Type {{enemy table top}} at the position to insert a table.

Slot Required? Default Usage Note
style Optional empty Custom CSS style of the top row Overrides any existing parameters
tablestyle Optional empty Custom CSS style of the whole table Overrides any existing parameters
border Optional 1 Custom border


{{enemy table top|border=2}}
{{enemy data|37}}
{{enemy table bottom}}

Image Description Statistics Items Locations
#37 Gargoyle
Stone creatures that make the perfect gaurds. Strong: Slash, Electric
Weak: Strike
Spirit Medal
Appaloosan Mines,
Canterlot Castle,
Realm of Chaos

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