• Hi, welcome to Ponyvania: Order of Equestria Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Races page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • Thank you.  And I have to say that you've done some excellent work with the game so far!

      Is there any suggestions forum for Ponyvania, by chance?  I'd like to see an option for multiple gamesaves in a future version of Ponyvania, if it's possible (particularly since my latest save seems to have gotten corrupted somehow, and I can't go back to an earlier save since there's only one).

      Keep up the good work!  :)

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    • I'm afraid I'm not too familiar with wikia so I don't know how one would go about making a suggestions forum. But if anyone is up to the task I would certainly welcome it. Saves are stored in the ponySave file inside the game folder. For now, you can store the save file somewhere else and create a new save in the game. Then you can just place whatever save you want to use inside the game folder. We'll see about adding a multiple save interface.

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    • Okay.  I went ahead and solved the problem by adding five folders in my Ponyvania directory; they're named "Save 1", "Save 2" and so on, and I can rename the folders to reflect the contents of each PonySave file ("Earth Pony Stallion - Lvl 28 - Easy" and such).  That should serve as a stopgap solution.  Thank you.

      I'm tempted to add a page for the Mysterious Alicorn, whom I've seen plenty of times already.  Besides the Mysterious Alicorn, is there any way to change the game's difficulty mid-game, in case the player decides that the game's too hard or too easy and needs to adjust?  Or would such a feature throw off the player's final score on beating the demo?

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    • Feel free to add any pages you want. We'll add or edit them if anything is off. We're planning on completely reworking how the Mysterious Alicorn works. Instead of completely skipping areas, she'll just give you a water of life and take you to the boss so you can try again with full health. If you continue failing even after that, then she'll ask if you want to lower the difficulty. There will also be no penalty for using her services.

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