The Training Halls are a bonus stage which appears after the player completes the fourth stage -- Ghastly Gorge -- with the good ending. Though the Training Halls don't feature any enemies, there are instead three rooms filled with dangerous, indestructible hazards which must be avoided or otherwise surmounted. In this bonus stage, abilities like levitation, teleportation or flying are disabled, forcing the hero to navigate the obstacle course with the hero's basic maneuverability as well as what few abilities the hero has retained (such as Illusion). Certain Items or Skills -- such as Rapidus Fio or the Harpy Feather -- can and probably should be equipped in order to mitigate the threats posed by the hazardous obstacles.

Completing the Training Halls may reward the Hero with money or an item, depending on how quickly the Hero traversed the obstacle course. Generally speaking, the less time spent traversing the obstacle course, the better the reward is. The hero is only rewarded with a single item per visit but may earn all of the rewards, as well as multiple bonuses of Bits, through repeat visits to the Training Halls. Items are out given sequentially, and any item the hero already owns will be skipped. If the hero already owns all the reward items, then bits will be rewarded instead.

Time of Completion Reward
2:00 or more No reward
Under 2:00 $800
Under 1:30 Leg Warmer, Cuirass, Mercury Seat, Traveler Cape, Chain Mail, Slick Pillion, Blue Cape, $1600
Under 1:10 Master Earring, Leg Warmer, Disciple Earring, Gold Chain, Tough Horseshoe, Dowsing Stick, $3200


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