Ursa Minor is the boss in Cloudsdale, who protects the Element of Loyalty.


It shoots small stars from its body and can also call down larger falling stars from above. It will also cosmically create a constellation that explodes after a short time. During the fight, the Ursa Minor will also transform into large stars that fly across the screen similar to the Yellow Devil from Mega Man. Once the Ursa Minor is low on HP, it will summon a large red star that tracks the player. The red star will continue to move towards the player until the Ursa Minor is defeated. During the battle, Derpy occasionally helps the player by attacking Ursa Minor with lightning strikes. After being defeated, Ursa Minor turns back into the namesake constellation. The boss theme which used is Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow: Into The Dark Night.

Fighting StrategyEdit

Ursa Minor attacks in set intervals, so the basic strategy is to deal as much damage as you can in between its attacks then back away. You want to focus on only dodging when Ursa Minor attacks with its small star patterns. The best strategy for avoiding the larger falling stars is to stay low. Only jump or move upward when there is no other way out. This is because the higher up you are, the harder it is to avoid the stars. Normally, Ursa Minor will only use the falling star attack two times. However, if you you keep destroying the smaller stars with the Shield or Dark Rift skills, Ursa Minor will become angry and may summon the falling stars three or four times instead. Avoiding the "Yellow Devil" attack is simple: stand in the middle of the stage and jump over the lowest star when it comes at you. Finally, you'll want to keep the large red star away from you for as long as possible. To do this, first move as far away from Ursa Minor as possible, and then go over or under the red star when it comes after you. This will cause the red star to build up its max speed and take longer to turn around. When the red star finally does return, put enough distance between it and yourself before dodging so that it takes a while for it to turn around again.

Unicorn Race StrategyEdit

The easiest way to defeat Ursa Minor is by spamming highly damaging Skills like Vol Grando. Make sure that you maximize your INT stat with the right equipment and the Sapiens Fio passive skill. You can use Teleport to avoid star attacks but try to conserve MP for the high cost skills. If you run out of MP, use normal attack from a distance and then quickly slide back to avoid damage.


Image Description Statistics Items Locations
#81 Ursa Minor
A celestial entity composed of stars in the shape of a bear. Strong: Light, Dark
Weak: Nothing


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