Zecora's Tree is a secret location of Ponyvania: Order of Equestria.

Overview Edit

To access this place, completing Zecora's task in Manehattan is required. All nightmare forces, shown as a dark magenta version of Will-O-Wisp in some areas, have to be found using Holy Glasses, as well as get destroyed.

In this area, Zecora gives the player certain quests to complete, with various rewards. When the requirement of a quest is reached, one black bar with message will be displayed on the lower part of the screen.

Quest List Edit

Quest Description Reward Note
Mental Training Go raise your LCK to at least 6, then come back here CON +6
The Statue's Tear Find the 'Statue's Tear' burried under the rubble of a broken statue somewhere in the castle, then bring it here. Regeneration Band Requires Jewel Of Open to reach
S Rank Hunter Defeat a total of 1500 enemies and then return here. MAX MP +50
Number of Fortune Come back here when the last 3 digits of your money are 777. MAX HP +30 Quest completes once the digits become 777, regardless of any money obtaining/spending after the moment
Preparations Monsters in the castle's abandoned mines sometimes carry a plant called 'Heart's Desire'. Retrieve the plant and bring it here. INT +3 Random drop from any monster in the area before returning to Zecora
Defender of the Castle Go find and defeat 5 Changelings that are lurking in the castle, and then return here. STR +6 Changelings can be randomly found in the castle, regardless of quest progress.
Vampire's Curse A mysterious creature is attacking Sweet Apple Acres, please get rid of it. Press 'attack when you are ready. King Arthur

Holy Aura Icon cutiemarkcrusaders

Almighty The time has come for you to challenge the Vamkire Killer's memory of its previous owner. Press 'attack' when you are ready. Vampire Killer Banner icon earthpony,
Stopwatch Banner icon pegasusBanner icon unicornIcon cutiemarkcrusaders
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